Calçotada or typical for Catalonia Onion party

typical tradition of Catalonia-calcotadaAlmost one week ago, it was last wednesday I took a day off and had an amazing day out of Barcelona with my BF and his family. But that wasn’t usual meeting, we had a very “tasty” reason for that. Probably you heard about different gastronomical traditions of Catalonia and Calçotada is one of them. It’s something you should try if you come to visit Barcelona from January to the end of March as maximum. In some words: Calçots is a kind of onion grown in Catalonia and discovered by one man who left them on the fire and found them burned. But after cleaned it he tried and discovered that delicious taste we (who live and come to Barcelona) can enjoy every year. Well, almost forget the main thing that improved this gastronomical dish for sure. Salsa romesco (romesco sauce) makes Calçots totaly different. And to finish the gastronomic procedure it’s common to eat barbeque. In other words – a lot of meat!So don’t miss it when you come to Barcelona next time. I leave you some photos of Calçotada to have an idea what I was talking about.

Calcotada typical gastronomical tradition of Catalonia
Preparing Calsots (Calçots) in Catalonia.Typical traditiontypical gastronomic tradition of cataloniaIMG_2394the typical tradition of Catalonia-Catçotadaeating barbeque with calçots a typical meal of Catalonia

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