capitolio-museum-capitoliniCapitolini museum

rome-streets-b&w-genre people-street-life-rome-italy Street life on the roman squares Flea market in Rome, Italy

Campo de'Fiori Flea Market

This part is almost the same as the previous. These photos transmit my black&white view of Rome. That’s true, black and white  photography makes pictures more dramatic. The first one picture I took in Capitolini Museum, I strongly recommend you to include it in the list. To tell the truth I visited only 2 museums (Capitolini and Vatican) during my visit to Rome and I have a clear idea that I should repeat it and even visit new ones. Actually I’m planning a new visit to this gorgeous Italian capital in March. I hope this future visit will be more complete. Now, I just leave you with some pics.Enjoy!

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