About your wedding photographer in Barcelona

My Story
  • My Story

  • Hi, I’m Lena and I’m a photographer deeply in love with what I do. Back in 2010, I moved to Barcelona and it has stolen my heart. I finished the university here, found my love and now I call this city - home.

    In the meantime, my photography career has also started here. I should say photography was always a part of my life. Living in Barcelona, I realized that I see it as something much bigger than simply pressing a shutter button and capturing pretty scenes. Photography gives the chance to relive through the moment and, the chance to meet amazing people.

My Style
  • My Style

  • I am a dreamer, a romance and I love when there is a touch of elegance in everything. So are my photographs. I believe in passion and true LOVE!

    My style is a combination of documentary, fine art photography with an editorial touch when it comes to details. My images are filled with light and love. Saying it simple, I am a natural light photographer, a huge lover of details and happy moments collector. If you aspire to creativity, you like even the smallest details, and you look for someone who strives to get involved whole-heartedly into your BIG day, I would love to hear from you.

My Approach
  • My Approach

  • I’m always looking for a personal relationship with my clients, my main goal is to make you feel comfortable as if you had a walk with your friend, as well as create an image that will make you HAPPY.

    I am in love with emotional, raw storytelling images, as I believe that these preservations of memories and moments are timeless and priceless. I believe that my client’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren will cherish all memories that I preserve. The photos that I produce for my clients will carry on their legacy long after their time comes.

Last but not least about my “why” is that through the years of doing photos I understood that not only photography itself is important to me. People also are.
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